Divergent Movie Review!

Because of time-zoning, I saw Divergent last week. Don’t get me wrong; I loved it. But I had to separate myself from the book to really enjoy it, and get over the fact that directors can’t chronicle every little detail of a book in movie format. (yet) I mean, where was the scene where Peter stabbed Edward? Have fun explaining Edward’s hostility when they meet the factionless in Insurgent. I saw it with a couple of friends, which always adds to the fun. And other non-Divergent reading acquaintances have seen the movie, and they loved it. So Divergent can stand alone as a movie, though it has different qualities than the book. It felt like the movie was 80% romance and training, and maybe 20% of the actual plot, but to be fair, the book had similar ratios. 

Tobias was pronounced weirdly. Sorry, this is nit-picky, and probably not true for most of you. Does anyone else pronounce it Toe-Bee-Iss, and opposed to Tuh-Bye-Iss? In my dialect, we do. Nitpicky, but whatever. 

Peter was perfect. I admit, I really like Peter as a character. Sarcastic and secretly good, he’s so wonderful. He was portrayed so perfectly -apart from some differing in events- that I felt like applauding him. Miles Teller is a brilliant actor!

I loved the capture the flag scene, though it did differ from the book a little. (Isn’t Christina supposed to find it, then Tris gets most of the credit?) The ferris wheel was amaaaazing.

 I didn’t like the Four/Tris romance in the movie as much as I liked it in the book. It came off as creepy, and a little shallow. I hope that in Insurgent, where it gets a little more ‘serious’ it won’t be so disturbing.

 I did, however, love Ansel’s portrayal of Caleb. It was brilliant! He really showed the difficulty Caleb has at showing his emotions (he didn’t dissolve into tears when his Father died in his arms, for example.) And the scene where Tris visited him at Erudite was awesome for the same reasons.

 The casting was good. Every one –basically- looked how I imagined them. And I like my movies precise. Al was a little thinner than I imagined, I thought he would be a little softer and plump.

 And the score was even better. Ellie Goulding’s songs were beautiful on it, and so full of emotions. After saving up, I will definitely be buying the soundtrack.

 The set was a little different than I imagined, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t good. I have a weird imagination. Four’s apartment was huge, and a little hipster-ish- not how I imagined it. The training areas were great though, and the dining hall, and the chasm. The film quality, a weird thing to highlight, I know, was very cool. I liked the sepia kind of colours, though it was a little happy. More like what I imagined scenes in the Amity compound to look like.

 The acting was great. I really felt the emotions in all of them, especially the scene where Four was under the simulation. Can I get a round of applause for Kate Winslet though? Seriously, she was amaaaaazing. And Shailene showed the perfect mix of vulnerable and tough. I can’t wait to see her in The Fault in Our Stars this June! But the scene where Al jumped was SO INCREDIBLY SAD.

 Oh, and kudos to Veronica for making a little appearance in the zip-line scene. When the initiates were lining up, the camera panned, and I spotted her. 🙂    


Sorry for the short review! I give Divergent –as a movie, not a book- four and a half stars.




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