About Me

When she took the Divergent aptitude test, she received Amity, which is obviously inappropriate as she struggles to curb her violence, even toward her best friend, and couldn’t even keep a weed alive by accident. This is why Herbology would not be among her choice of magical subjects; some people think that she has a funny accent, and this is why she doesn’t vlog.

In her free time, Lydia thinks about writing, watches documentaries about space and aliens, reads science-fiction, plays sport (though she has a crippling fear of ball-related injuries) chats amicably to herself, takes photos, points out others spelling mistakes, and slaughters moving, classical music on the oboe. She can also be stingingly sarcastic, and also very forgetful.

Lydia says that her dream job would be working as a cosmologist (or astronaut) and writing science fiction for children and young adults, though the movie Gravity put her off any such astronaut-ing ventures for a while.

Secretly, she’s never finished a novel, which makes her very sad. This July, she will be participating in Camp NaNoWrimo, halfway through which she will turn thirteen.

Reading gives her concussions, as she always punches herself in the head for not thinking of all the cool things first; evidently she is very critical of herself. This also happens when she reads other peoples blogs.

Lydia is also a nerdfighter, bookworm, budding scientist, collector of Old English words and random facts, bad athlete, maniac, Potterhead, and animal lover. She frequently disrupts her sleep patterns by discussing odd topics in depth with herself, such as time travel and aliens, or pondering the meaning of life.

Though she has only read several of their works, she is very envious of Eoin Colfer, John Green, Cornelia Funke, Neil Gaiman and Patrick Ness. C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and J.K Rowling go without saying. (It is evident that the best authors use initials. Perhaps this is Lydia’s problem?)

Lydia has a taboo against books that use the words vampires and sexy in the same sentence, and though she likes to think she reads widely, her favourite genres are science-fiction, fantasy, along with humorous or satirical books.


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