New Novels; New Interests; New Post

New Novel

Since I have never officially finished a novel -about one third through, they often get dropped- I’m trying to write a new one. My own personal NaNo, from April 23-May 23. In the middle of that is important cross country runs, high school entrance exams, and reading galore. Today, I charged myself with coming up with a new novel idea…. I have lots, but I think all seven of them would be suited to whimsical short stories. I’m thinking of going along the route of the Supernaturalist and the Graveyard book, in which you take a basic concept from a classic, and put a fantastical or science fiction spin on it. Or something to do with dreams or imagination coming to life or such. One idea I had that would be shorted to a short story is like Harry Potter, but reversed. A boy accidentally gets enrolled in a magic school, but he has no powers at all….? Ah, I don’t know.

New Interests

Photography! I decided to take some pictures of our new kitten Luna, and they turned out okay. So I’ve started taking nature pictures and animal pictures, going wild with my mum’s camera. Its taken up my morning, and I love it!

New Post

Ah, this is new, innit? I tried to work the rule of three.